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In the communications business, relationships are key. All successful relationships, as any life coach will tell you, are built on a foundation of sound communications.

Consider your stakeholders. Some are obvious: customers, staff, shareholders, suppliers. Others, not so obvious: government, trade associations, legislators, local communities, lobby groups. Those are the people you want to communicate with.

But, in between, there are relationships with essential communication channels such as the media. You may have a clear message to communicate and a clear target audience, but you need to reach them through an intermediate. That is where relationships with the media are critical.

Pleiades Media has many years of experience in forging and consolidating sound, ethical and trusting relationships with the media. Essential to these relationships is a deep understanding of the media itself. This is not easy. The media world is changing all the time. Radio, television, newspapers and magazines, traditional media that have been going for decades, are all being challenged by the new world of the digital platform, the Internet, social media and all the permutations of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, elements of a world that seems to change on a daily basis.

One of the big advantages of new media is its measurability – no longer do companies have to rely on readership and listenship data that are often out of date and innaccurate. Pleiades Media has the experience to capture the important statistics that digital platforms provide.

Pleiades Media will be your North Star, your pilot through these turbulent, confusing and often frightening waters.

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