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What we do

If you were to put us in a box you’d label us a Public Relations Agency. But we don’t believe any brand can be put in a box – and that’s where our strength lies. We’ll adapt to your particular needs and work with you to develop an engaging strategy.

Then we will bring in our editorial skills and media relations expertise to ensure that your brand builds a powerful and trusted presence in the public sphere.

Our strength lies in three key focus areas:


Everything starts with a sound strategy. Pleiades Media will help you create a communication strategy that integrates with your overall brand plan, a strategy that will talk to your target audience.


In the communications business, relationships are key. All successful relationships, as any life coach will tell you, are built on a foundation of sound communications.


There is an old marketing adage that says. “The medium is the message and the message is the medium.” The message is all about content. Content is king.

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