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Cruises International

Cruises International

Regular, middle-class South Africans are starting to realise that they don’t need to win the lottery or wait to retire before they can afford to go on a cruise. This is thanks to Pleiades Media’s work for Cruises International, the South African representative of nine of the world’s top luxury cruise lines.

Consistent PR has created public awareness of the value-for-money appeal of luxury cruises. This, along with the sheer indulgence of luxury cruising and wealth of different cruise options to be enjoyed is making cruising the holiday ‘destination’ of choice.

Developed and maintained by Pleiades Media, Cruises International’s travel blog, Cruising Musings whets would-be cruisers’ appetites with snippets on destinations, ship life, travel advice and more.

This has boosted sales of cruise holidays and established Cruises International’s reputation as the best cruise operator in the local market.


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March 2, 2015

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