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Who we are

Travellers have used celestial navigation for centuries to ensure that they are on the correct path to their destination. The stars are immutable. They have been in place since before the dawn of civilization. In the same way, Pleiades Media has been the North Star, the ultimate navigation tool, for companies steering their brands through the often murky waters of communication.

Our skill lies in navigating your corporate ship on to the correct course, the route that leads to brand success in the marketplace. We understand the dynamic and complex relationship between public relations, content creation, customer development and digital technologies.

Pleiades Media provides its clients with a unique blend of really smart strategic communication strategies positioned on creative and innovative digital platforms.

Pleiades Media has many years of experience in the B2B, financial services and travel sectors in particular. Our work is impeccable and delivery is always on time and on budget. Optimizing traditional media and digital channels is our forte and we are able to ‘drive’ users to websites and turn the resultant traffic into revenue-generation through a number of unique processes. We work tactically with clients to maximise exposure in the right channel at the right time.

Why use Pleiades Media to solve your communications needs? You will work with experienced and strategic client services executives who will give sound strategic advice; you will have access to highly creative people who identify the key communication challenges in your business; and you will have apartner that will devise solutions that are ‘laser-sharp’, simple and relevant to your business.

Pleiades Media consistently delivers:

  • Flexibility
  • Creativity
  • Availability
  • Expertise
  • Quick turnaround
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